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A Journey Through the Roots of American Popular Music: “a rich, engrossing exploration and celebration” – The Martha’s Vineyard Times 

History themed shows for museums, libraries, schools and special events

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Jon Waterman creates and performs programs with a historical theme. Each show is comprised of songs that relate to historical happenings and obscure, legendary or infamous characters, stories and a slideshow. The programs are excellent for libraries, museums, historical societies, house concerts, and colleges. The following themes are currently available (more are in the works!):


Available Themes:

• A Journey Through The Roots of American Popular Music
• Cro-Magnon Blues: History and Legends Through Song
• The Railroad in Song


A lifelong performer, Jon Waterman has a deep appreciation for the epic tales of history and the stories of both lesser-known and more familiar individuals whose lives, struggles and dreams mirror our own. Jon holds a degree in History and graduate degrees in Popular Music History and Psychology.

“A Journey Through the Roots of American Popular Music by Jon Waterman is a unique performance experience combining
music history, storytelling, and original songs inspired by his research. Waterman successfully transforms fascinating tales from
history into an evening-length performance that feels personal, contemporary, and politically relevant.
A must see for anyone
interested in American history or American music!”
– Sarah Slifer Swift, Director, MAGMA Gloucester

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