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A Journey Through the Roots of American Popular Music: “a rich, engrossing exploration and celebration” – The Martha’s Vineyard Times 

History themed shows for museums, libraries, schools and special events

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Jon Waterman offers themed shows for libraries, museums, historical societies, house concerts, and colleges. Each show is comprised of songs that relate to historical happenings and obscure, legendary or infamous characters. The songs are selected to fit one of three themes. The shows are designed for adult and young adult audiences. All necessary equipment is provided.


Available Themes:

• A Journey Through The Roots of American Popular Music
• History and Legends Through Song: World History
• History and Legends Through Song: U.S. History
• Popular Songs and Disasters


A lifelong performer, Jon Waterman has a deep appreciation for the epic tales of history and the stories of both lesser-known and more familiar individuals whose lives, struggles and dreams mirror our own. Jon holds a degree in History and graduate degrees in Popular Music History and Psychology.

“A Journey Through the Roots of American Popular Music by Jon Waterman is a unique performance experience combining
music history, storytelling, and original songs inspired by his research. Waterman successfully transforms fascinating tales from
history into an evening-length performance that feels personal, contemporary, and politically relevant.
A must see for anyone
interested in American history or American music!”
– Sarah Slifer Swift, Director, MAGMA Gloucester

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