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About Jon Waterman

“a creatively inventive songcrafter” – Metronome Magazine

Singer and songwriter Jon Waterman entertains audiences with a unique blend of blues, Americana, classic rock, and roots influences combined with the storytelling sensibility of folk music. His songs and performances range from expressing simple sentiments about love and need to making subtle and not-so-subtle statements about social justice and the human experience while chronicling historical events, fanciful legends, and the passages of everyday life. In addition to a large number of originals, Jon also performs original interpretations of blues and rock standards and the occasional traditional song. His sources of inspiration include Rolling Stones, the Kinks, Randy Newman, Lou Reed, the Grateful Dead, Golden Earring, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan, Eric Burdon and War, Gram Parsons, and Jimmie Rodgers. Jon performs in clubs, listening rooms and festivals throughout New England. His most recent CD, Grainy Days is available through Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, and CD Baby, as well as from this website.


In his latest album, Grainy Days, Jon Waterman showcases 13 of his lyrically compelling original songs that reveal an exciting and eclectic mix of classic rock and roots. The styles in the collection range from the driving, electric blues-folk rock of “Walk As If You Won” and the Americana influenced “Thing For My Guitar” to the reggae inspired “Born That Way.” Lyrically the songs range from seemingly simple pop song sentiments about love and need to songs that make subtle and not-so-subtle statements about social justice and the human experience. Several of the songs tell true stories- a child actor in the title track and a Tin Pan Alley songwriter in “Hughie Cannon’s Blues.” Others are stories which could be true- like “Mean Ol’ Debil Jones” which tells a fictional tale of racial prejudice and injustice. Grainy Days is available through CD Baby and Bandcamp, or it could be ordered direct from this site by going
to the store page.


Saturday, September 14th – Shrewsbury Public Library 2pm
Live Music Making History Live:
A Journey Through the Roots of American Popular Music

609 Main St.
Sherwsbury, MA

Thursday, September 19th – Salem Farmers’ Market 5pm-7pm
Derby Square
Salem, MA

Tuesday, September 24th – First Avenue Lounge 2pm-4pm
Hosted by T-Maxx
Salem Fairweather
40R Highland Ave
Salem, MA

Sunday, September 29th – Swampscott Farmers’ Market 10am-1pm
22 Monument Ave
Swampscott, MA



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