The Environmental Crisis

Photo by NASA

Environmental disasters such as the BP oil spill in the Gulf and the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska have wrought destruction on ecosystems, killed countless plants and animals, destroyed habitats, and contaminated vast areas of wilderness. But these, and other local events are parts of an environmental disaster on a global scale. There is increasing consensus that human behavior is at least partially responsible for climate change- resulting in changing weather patterns, the thawing of ice caps and glaciers, and the consequent rising of oceans, and flooding of low lying shorelines and islands.

A significant part of the scientific community warns that environmental destruction- including climate change- poses a very real threat to human health and survival. Experts warn that the situation is dire- rightly termed a crisis- and calls for dramatic policy changes. And yet, change happens only very gradually if at all. And what change does take place must overcome a great deal of resistance.


The BP Oil Spill
Originally posted to Flickr as LA National Guardsmen
Document Effects of Oil on Louisiana’s Coast


The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
Photo by NOAA


Beautiful Home- Jon Waterman

Last night I dreamt as I slept
I was talking to my Father and he wept
He said ‘Look at the world I gave you my son
What have you done with your beautiful home?

Where the grass and the trees once grew tall
Now nothing is growing at all
Where once there were flowers, now there are none
What have you done with your beautiful home?

What have you done with the beautiful home you were given?
What have you done with the only home you have to live in?
You’ve cracked the foundations it rested upon
Now it won’t be long, before its all gone
What have you done with your beautiful home?

Once the rivers ran wild and free
And there were oceans of fish in the sea
Now the oceans are barren and the rivers don’t run
What have you done with your beautiful home?
What have you done with your beautiful home?
©2008 Jon Waterman

Recording Info:
Jon Waterman- Vocal, Guitar and Tenor Sax
Kirsten Manville- Backing Vocal


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